COLOSSAL SHRIMP COCKTAIL  29  house-made cocktail sauce (gf)

LITTLENECK CLAMS*  1/2 doz: 18 mignonette, lemon (gf)

OYSTERS EAST / WEST COAST*  1/2 doz: 24 mignonette, lemon (gf)
lagavulin 8 year scotch supp. +12  |  caviar supp. +28


SEAFOOD PLATTER  95  single tier including 4 colossal shrimp, 6 oysters, 6 littleneck clams, crab cocktail, 3 contemporaries

GRAND TOWER  225  two tiers including 8 colossal shrimp, 8 oysters, 8 littleneck clams, crab cocktail, whole lobster, 3 contemporaries

THE FLATIRON ROOM SIGNATURE TOWER  395  three tiers including 12 colossal shrimp, 16 oysters, 16 littleneck clams, octopus ceviche, crab cocktail, whole lobster, 3 contemporaries


HOUSE-MADE FOCACCIA  8  smoked maple butter, soft roasted brown butter (v)

CHEESE BOARD  34  four local and imported cheeses, accoutrements, house-made focaccia crostini

CHARCUTERIE BOARD  32  four artisanal meats, accoutrements, house-made focaccia crostini 

COMBO BOARD  62  chef’s selection of four cheeses and four meats, house-made focaccia crostini


BEET SALAD  18  red & golden beets, feta cheese, candied walnut, mint purée (v, gf)

HOUSE-CUT TRUFFLE FRIES  16  truffle aioli, chipotle aioli (v, gf)

STUFFED EGGPLANT  24  tomato, oyster mushroom, fig balsamic glaze, vegan cream cheese, parsley (vg, gf)

SCOTCH EGG  21  jammy egg, short rib, pickled onion, mustard, guajillo sauce

CRAB CAKE  23  frisée, remoulade, candy stripe beets, charred lemon

CHARRED OCTOPUS  24   lemon crème fraîche, fingerling potato (gf)

BOURBON BBQ MEATBALLS  21   our custom beef blend, smoky bbq bourbon sauce, chives

ROASTED BONE MARROW  21  herbed breadcrumbs, house-made focaccia
lagavulin 8 year scotch supp. +12  |  caviar supp. +28


CHICKPEA MUHAMMARA  34 chickpeas, roasted red pepper and walnut purée, cabbage salad, focaccia  (vg)

EGGPLANT PASTA  35 tagliatelle, roasted eggplant, pomodoro, crispy eggplant skins (vg)

SEARED HALIBUT*  44  broccolini, citrus salt, bay leaf oil (gf)

SKILLET CHICKEN  42  heirloom carrot, sautéed mushroom, chimichurri (gf)

BURGUNDY BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIB  46  carrot purée, broccolini, burgundy wine demi-glace (gf)

FLATIRON BURGER *  34  our custom beef blend, caramelized onion, chipotle aioli, frisée, tomato, cheddar cheese, french fries
bacon supp. +3 | truffle fries supp. +3


choice of house sauce

14 oz ANGUS STRIP*  63

32 oz PORTERHOUSE*  145

48 oz TOMAHAWK*  184

SURF & TURF  35 add 1/2 lobster to any of the above steaks

HOUSE SAUCES  chimichurri (vg, gf), creamy mustard (v, gf),  pink peppercorn (v, gf), burgundy wine demi-glace (gf), chipotle aioli (v, gf), truffle aioli (v, gf), remoulade (v, gf)


HONEY GLAZED CARROTS  14  za’atar, honey, orange juice (v, gf)

BROCCOLINI  14  citrus salt (vg, gf)

SAUTÉED MUSHROOMS  14  bay leaf oil (vg, gf)

FINGERLING POTATOES  14  remoulade, maldon salt, parsley (v, gf)


CAVIAR  28  10gr quenelle (gf)

COLOSSAL SHRIMP  22 served warm or chilled (gf)

HALF LOBSTER  48  served warm or chilled (gf)

ROASTED BONE MARROW  14  herbed breadcrumbs


All of our desserts are made in-house by our Pastry Chef Svetlana

28 LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE  24   chocolate sponge cake, chocolate truffle mousse, dark chocolate fudge, 20 year old armagnac chocolate sauce pour over (v)

THE FLATIRON ROOM SPHERE  24   chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream cake, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, hazelnut sauce (v)

STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING  16   medjool date pudding & sticky caramel sauce (v)

HAZELNUT GROVE  16   hazelnut sponge cake, hazelnut chocolate mousse, toasted pistachios (vg, gf)

CHEESE BOARD  30   chef’s selection of artisanal cheeses

AFFOGATO 12   scoop of house-made madagascar vanilla gelato topped with a shot of espresso

SCOOP OF SEASONAL GELATO  7   caramel with chocolate, bourbon barrel aged coffee, or madagascar vanilla (v, gf)



We’re proud to offer The Morning Dram®, our very own brand of bourbon barrel aged coffee.
All the flavor, without any alcohol or artifical additives. (Available for sale at host stand)

small (serves 1-2)   12
large (serves 3-4)   20

v: vegetarian vg: vegan gf: gluten-free

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.