The Flatiron Room wine and spirits selection is diverse and expansive. Scotch, bourbon, rye, tequila, mezcal, rum, and brandy line our walls and occupy the rafters of our venue.

Our list has been carefully curated to bring guests a comprehensive selection of items within each category. Rare spirits are certainly part of our offerings — including private bottlings of single malt scotch, pechuga mezcal that has been harvested by generations, artisan armagnac, and limited release tequilas.

However, if you’re looking for a simple vodka & soda, don’t fret – we stock the standards you’ve come to love as well. The rare marks will be there for you when the occasion is right.

Bottle Keep Program

At The Flatiron Room, we’re strong believers in “drinking less & tasting more.”

Good whiskey is meant to be enjoyed at your leisure and preferably in good company. We created our Bottle Keep™ program for this very reason. Most of our whiskeys can be purchased by the dram or by the bottle.

If you come across an expression you really like then you might consider purchasing the entire bottle.

Here’s how it works:

You purchase your favorite bottle from us and enjoy as much as you’d like at your table. When you’ve had enough, we’ll tag it with your name and store it safely in our Bottle Keep.

We have all your information electronically stored on a Bottle Keep Card which is yours to keep. The next time you come in to the location your bottle is stored, simply give the server your card and we’ll retrieve your bottle. You’ll also receive some “Entitlement Cards”. These cards give the holder authorization to drink off the bottle (so be careful who you give them to). It’s a lot of fun and it makes a great gift.