Best Live Music in NYC


We always provide live entertainment with no cover, it’s just who we are.

 The entertainment varies; whether it’s a sultry blues bands, a new twist on a classic, an up-and-coming acoustic singer songwriter, all the way to a duo from the 1920’s complete with washboard. We appreciate all of our performers and the unique charm they bring to our stage. 

We have our acts listed on our calendar for all venues so you know what to expect once you walk in our doors. 

Interested in Performing with us?

If you are interested in performing on our stage please contact us –  [email protected]

Kindly provide the genre of music you play, a band photo, and a YouTube link that showcases your on-stage energy. Our performers tend to stick with us for sometime, so openings are not frequent — however we’re always on the lookout for new talent that fits our brand.