Corporate Events NYC

Corporate Event Overview

This is a business event activity organized by a company to educate employees and the general public about its various concepts, motivate employees through rewards for their efforts, commemorate significant company milestones with clients, employees or both, and encourage collaboration & networking among various entities.

Corporate Event Venues: What To Look For

A variety of factors go into choosing the best corporate venues in NYC, from budget to overall vision, but venue size is one of the most critical factors for any guest list. Before you start looking for a venue, you should sit down and establish what features you want in a venue. This process also comprises getting to know your target audience – their demographics, preferences and expectations.

By considering your options a little ahead of time, you’ll be able to eliminate confusion and find the perfect venue for your company event. At the end of the exercise, you’ll have a clear picture of all the standards that your event site must meet. The following are some helpful tips to consider when choosing the proper venue for your corporate event:


Choose an event venue that is easy to find and does not require your delegates to drive far or take a long walk from public transit. Consider the logistics of getting to & from the venue, the program’s start & conclusion times, and the usual traffic during those hours before committing to a site. If nothing else works, arrange for transportation to convey all participants to the event.


If you did your homework correctly, you should have a good estimate of how many visitors to expect at the event by now. Choose a venue that can easily accommodate many people with room to spare. Most venues in NYC include adjustable seating that can accommodate any size audience.


Parking is a vital factor to consider, especially if the corporate event is held in a city. Things can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t plan ahead, resulting in traffic jams and frazzled tempers. You aim to make the delegates’ experience as pleasant as possible. As a result, don’t skimp on this aspect! You may also see if the event site provides valet parking.

Catering Service

Discuss catering options with the event venue’s management well in advance. Check to see whether they provide in-house catering. Some menus have a standard vendor list and if you want to bring in a different caterer from outside, make sure the venue allows it first. Choose a corporate venue that can accommodate everyone and all of your event requirements.

Additional Amenities

Ensure the event venue has all of the amenities you’ll need for your program. You may require a powerful A/V system with good acoustics, WiFi-enabled internet access or overhead projectors for your corporate meeting. Making a list of all your must-have items and checking them off one by one for each site you’re investigating is the best way to go about it.

Corporate Event Space NYC

Corporate Event Space in NYC

If you’re looking for world-class corporate or private event spaces in NYC, look no further. With 3,500 square feet of adaptable event space, the Flatiron Room is the perfect choice for corporate events in NY. Our corporate venue space, conveniently located near many headquarter offices, can accommodate smaller meetings as breakout sessions or in conjunction with larger events.

Our venue also offers projection screens, mixology stations, state-of-the-art audio & video, a DJ setup with a speaker system and several other amenities. Our crew is in charge of cleaning up after each event, so you can spend time with your guests without having to worry about cleaning up.

Our on-premise executive chef provides a wide variety of culinary experiences with high-end tasting menus and fully catered events that can be served in a family-style or buffet style. We are a venue that can host a variety of corporate and social events, offering onsite services such as coat check, gift storage, elevated stages and wireless microphones.

Our full-service event company understands the importance of planning and executing stunning social and corporate events. We help our clients realize their concepts by carefully listening to their needs and desires and then assisting them in crafting the right ideas.

Our goal at the Flatiron Room is to build long-term relationships with our customers, helping them celebrate every significant event. With a ferocious dedication to excellence, our seasoned event planners commit to each event and provide unmatched service and a high level of professionalism.